Fabric Quality Control Software


Reports of Your own Design...

* The program also offers summary or detailed reports regarding batches, rolls, customers, appended errors, appended pieces and roll measurements, personnel performances and company shipments.
* These reports, which are offered by the program, can be acquired in excel and can be printed and can be sent as mail.
* Along with the reports offered you by the program, there is a tool for you to design your own reports.
* The program can provide the reports in form of lists or it can present them graphically.

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Ease of Use, Flexible Structure...

* Our quality control screen that is used for roll windings is specially designed to let your employees to use it without any difficulty.
* You are allowed to append continuous errors during control as well by indicating the errors you have defined in points or in continuous manner.
* By means of the flexible structure provided by the program for the user, the buttons used can be arranged as desired and you can include and arrange fields which are specific for your company in the program and you can see these values in your reports.


Instant Machinery Information...

* By means of the machinery track contained in the program, you are allowed to access statistical information regarding all operating machines and to instantly view who is working on which roll.



* Yet another advantage provided for you by the program is to allow you to design labels based on customers and to adapt these label designs prepared by you to your barcode system.
* The backup system, which functions to prevent data loss of the system, generates automatic backups on daily, weekly and monthly basis depending on your choice.
* Our system, which arrives with the 4 Point System that is used as a world standard, also allows appending of your own point system if so desired. You may create a new system by deciding your own quality point intervals.



* If you carry out your shipment transactions by means of the program, you may access detailed reports regarding the warehouse and you can also follow-up the rolls that you shipped by means of this screen.